OTBM – Episode 2 – Ethics Vs Legality

Reverse GraffitiIs the image right vandalism? Technically its not, yet technically if the council in your area really wanted to hit you for it, then they could. The is the difference between legality and ethics. Your never going to jail for this but you might get a fine….. Now we are ready to talk about out of the box marketing.

Getting a fine is exactly what the branding division did in their last creative marketing campaign, this was for a client so we can’t use the example itself but the company decided that Reverse Graffiti would convert well for their client. And it did, oh it did!

In 20 days the image was shared over 1000 times on social media and the company gained 2,000 new followers across their social media accounts, more than this, they decided it would be good to run an offer during the talk, this lead to thousands in sales all from one small ad on the floor of a busy walkway in a busy city centre location.

But this marketing strategy gets even more interesting by the “after effects”. The council weren’t happy so they tried to issue a fine to the company, instead of simply saying no or on the other hand paying the fine to just get it over with, they decided to well respond through social media that there was no way on God’s green earth that this fine was being paid… Anyway the confrontation continues but all the while the company is gaining exposure, gaining links from the press and we all know how powerful links are for SEO purposes!

They ended up with some hugely effective backlinks that would have cost thousands to go out and get manually, they also grew their social following by about 5000 people in the 2 months stretch, as well as getting the business mentioned for about 2 months across all major social networks. All in all this was one of the most effective creative marketing strategies I’d ever seen.

Oh and the result? They seeked legal advice and stated if they pay the fee that they couldn’t take further legal action anyway. £500 for all of the above? Totally worth it. 


Outside the Box Marketing – Episode 1 – Introduction

outside the box marketingOver the coming months and years I will be starting a series called outside the box marketing. This is not going to be your average marketing or advertising advice. Half of this isn’t even going to be about digital marketing in itself. I will also be writing this with Tom from Ghost Fitness who in my opinion is one of the most creative marketers of the last couple of years and episode 4 is going to be talking about what he did to really explode the business and the line between ethics and legality, but that’s a in a couple of weeks time first.

Today I’m just going to talk about what the series is going to talk about. I’ve seen so many marketers go so wrong with their attempts at “creative marketing”, even on a huge corporate brand level, I’ve seen millions wasted on poor TV advertising campaigns. Thousands wasted by local gyms trying to market events that the market is just not there for. The key to marketing whether it generic, creative or amazing is targeting customers that want to listen to what you are offering. The reason why print and TV works so “Okay” is that there is such a big variety of people watching these / reading these so a small percentage will be interested in your ad. Same with Facebook ads to an extent.

Another company that has done this process relatively well over the past 12 months is Leafletgo, these guys are in a reletively boring industry but in episode 6 you will find out why what they did was so close to illegal that it annoyed their current clients but in the long run doubled their total business in 6 months! It’s important to remember you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try to either! It’s better to have 5 perfect clients than 20 annoying ones. Live your business dream not someone else’s.

Personal Update and Career Advice

Resume Writing LayoutHi everyone.

Haven’t posted in a while and that’s because I’ve been looking for a new position. And as you probably know trying to get a job nowadays is a pain! Anyway I just wanted to do a quick post on what I eventually ended up doing and how I got there.

I’m the new marketing manager for a garage racking and storage solutions company called: Garage-Shelving.co.uk (I know not the fancied job in the world) BUT its hugely profitable and more than that, I get 5% commission on all online orders. Which is an added incentive as they already had a couple of online sales coming in.

Never the less the reason I took this position (or even found it in the first place) was due to the efforts of a professional resume writer. I 100% never would have been  close to this job, nor landing it in fact if it wasn’t for their help. So it’s worth the expensive time consuming tedious effort to write a good resume, as when you  get a position that makes you £40,000 more a year, you tend to like it.

What I will be doing at this company is very similar to what I talk about on this website. It’s going to be online marketing and SEO. But more than that, we will be looking at old school marketing techniques such as direct mail marketing and permission marketing, using re-targeting of old customers as well as ones who have visited the site but didn’t check out. This is a highly effective technique and its not all that expensive from an advertising POV either. Gone are the days of million dollar advertising budgets and huge media buying campaigns, say hello to the new era of social media marketing and internet marketing.

This is nothing new obviously.

But yet people still do it a bit wrong….

The top 3 pieces of advice I’d give to someone looking to get started online is the following:

1.) Take the leap – Work 15 hour days, have no social life for a while, you hear about people saying this business is their baby, yet they spend no time with it?

What’s that all about.

2.) Find / Have Funding – Even Apple needed $92,000 in funding to get started and do you know what they gave up for this? A THIRD OF THEIR BUSINESS! The investor whose name I cannot remember is now sitting in the billionaire status! Not bad for both parties really.

3.) Partnership – Everyone trys to be the next 1-man-millionaire and although that’s all well and good if you make it, its not sustainable (or enjoyable) on the journey.
Instead partner with people who have a different set of skills than yourself, your skills will combine and costs are shared in the early days, as well as profits in the later ones. It’s a win-win as no one needs more than a billion in a lifetime!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to post a bit more frequently in the coming weeks.

Best places for a business Citation

Places Where You Should Have A Business Citation

Why should your business be cited? Well, it is important to have local citations so that your business will have a rank during the local search result of Google. Here is a list of places for getting business citations.

Data Providers of Citation Sites in the UK

  1. Infoserve will feed Cityvisitor and Yahoo!Local but this might change soon.
  2. Local Data Search has clients for their data. Among these clients are Tell, Google, Facebook, TomTom and so much more.
  3. My118Infor provides information to 118118, the Scoot network, BT and the lsit goes on.
  4. Factual feeds content to Yelp, Tripadvisor, Apple and more.

Social Media Site Citations

  1. If you happen to have a Facebook page for your local business, then you just need to include your complete address in the page for Basic Information and you will have your citation.
  2. Foursquare data is being used for directory sites so it is important that your information is updated and accurate.
  3. You can make a company page in LinkedIn and you can put in your contact details there.
  4. If you have a YouTube page then include your NAP information in the About Section.
  5. Adding your telephone number on the description of your business profile is the way to get a citation on Twitter.

The Top Sources for Citation in UK

  1. com – you can claim a business listing and optimize it.
  2. Accessplace – information comes from Bizwiki
  3. Bizwiki – you cannot add info manually because they’ll be the ones to check your site. However, if you see something wrong, you can report the error. The information they get here is fed to Accessplace.com and TownPages.com.
  4. Brownbook – you can claim a business and verify it.
  5. Citylocal – claim a business listing and optimise it.
  6. Cityvisitor – info comes from Infoserve. Listings can be claimed and verified.
  7. Cylex – claim and optimize business listing
  8. Freeindex – a useful place to get customer reviews. Listing can be optimised.
  9. Hotfrog – claim and optimise listing
  10. My Local Services – Linked as they are one of the business directories.
  11. LocalMole – gets info from The Scoot Network
  12. LocalLife – there are enhanced and basic listings
  13. Manta – listings can be claimed and optimised using links and images from social media
  14. MisterWhat – verify and optimise listing
  15. Near – gets info from ThomsonLocal
  16. Scoot – listings can be claimed and optimised
  17. The Independent – gets info from Scoot
  18. The Sun – gets info from Scoot
  19. ThomsonLocal – listings that are basic can be upgraded by paying a fee
  20. TouchLocal – member of the Scoot Network
  21. Townpages – listings are basic and is fed by Bizwiki
  22. uFindus – listing is basic and info is provided by Bizwiki
  23. Wahanda – listings are enhanced. There are reviews for salons, spas and fitness studios.
  24. Wampit – there are available free listings and additional option are available when paying a fee
  25. Yalwa – has full listings available
  26. Yell – verify and optimise listings
  27. Yelp – claim and optimise listings
  28. Zettai – has basic listings

Making sure that you take care of your listings on the sites above will ensure that your foundation is solid. This will further enhance your visbility for local searches. Citations sources are not listed to those above though. So feel free to widen your options.

VIDEO – How to Calculate Return On Investment (SEO)

Calculate Return On Investment for SEO Services

Local SEO 101 The Basics to Ranking for Small Businesses

Below is a video for small businesses looking to get started in the SEO industry and get some rankings. The small business seo process is quite different to that for global or even national companies, there is less emphasis on the sheer number of backlinks or citations and more emphasis and relevance given to the companies who integrate their site with their Google Plus page as well as the relevancy of the site over the sheer number of links. Below is the video, have a watch.

Highlighting my New Client (The Forex Guys)

I’d like to say thanks to my new clients from EFT, I’ve helped them promote this article which is now ranking page 1 and making them a lot of money :). Been a pleasure.

Beware of the Google Mobile Update

Google have reported they will be bringing out a new update on the 21st April. This will be a big update according to the SMX team, rivalling the size of panda and penguin and in fact making them look like small tweaks.

It’s a nerve-racking time for SEOs but one that we can either choose to embrace or back down from. I’m taking on the former and embracing this Google update with open arms.

Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but its sure to be a completely new crawler for mobile data, including crawling apps, 1 page mobile friendly sites and more. As I mentioned its still not sure what can be done as well its not the 21st April yet, but there are 2 options I would recommend:

1.) Get your site responsive – This involves designing a mobile friendly website. There are services such as this one that you can get for your site to get this done. This is the option I would recommend as responsive sites improve user experience and UX is now an official Google ranking factor, so I mean this is the option to go with.

2.) M.Site – Create a mobile friendly website that acts as a mini landing page when someone visits your site from a mobile device. This is another great option and does act as a mobile friendly option.

Also if you haven’t already checked, you should head over to the google mobile tool and check to see whether you have a mobile friendly site already or not. Looks like I have some work to do!

Mobile Optimisation

Thanks for reading as always.


On a personal update I’m involved with a new website, in a different niche to SEO called elite forex trading, so I might be posting a bit less frequently.

How to make money from CPA marketing

CPA is an acronym for cost per action and is a type of affiliate marketing. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, CPA allows the individuals to make money without the actual selling of a product or service and hence CPA is preferred by many online affiliate marketers.

CPA networks will have products in the form of offers, usually paying per lead from anywhere between 50c to $250, it depends on how much the company values their leads. The affiliate or individual looking to promote the offer will then promote it in the method they have decided, this can be simply emailing individuals about the offer, but more likely they place a link to the offer on their website and generate visitors to their site in the hope they will click through to the offer and hence the affiliate will earn the commission. This is the basic model of online affiliate marketing.

Methods of Promoting CPA Offers

There are hundreds if not thousands of methods of promoting CPA offers. Below are my 5 recommended ways to promote (almost) any CPA offer you can find.

1. SEO – We all know and love it but SEO especially small time SEO with mini sites based around a few offers are extremely likely to make you a profit without the BS of selling or dealing with customers and as a result customer service.

2. PPC – Paid advertising is still huge and can be even more profitable than SEO, as if you can scale your ads well you can pay around $1 for every $1.50 you make. Scale that by 1000 times and your a millionaire from making 50c a click.

3. Forums – Forum marketing is an under-utilised method of online marketing. You can hire a VA to constantly be promoting your site on a forum, or you can even just post a few times a day yourself. A few links and solid comments can not only bring you good traffic, but you might also get a good backlink in the process, and who doesn’t love a good backlink!

4. Offline – Promoting online product in the offline world is so effective its scary and its quite odd why more people don’t do it. Loads of people are scared of the “real” world and would rather hide behind the computer and try to make millions that way. Although its possible, its a lot easier to make an offline million than an online one!

5. Flyers – Print marketing is still huge, its bigger than huge its MASSahuve YET AGAIN PEOPLE SEEM to be scared about spending money in the online world. Create a website with a simple brandable domain related to your offer. For example if you were promote a dating offer you could go for the: dateo.net or something memorable but not keyword rich, then simple have that as a landing page to collect leads with the offer on the site, OR instead just 301 the site to the offer directly and simple spread flyers with the URL of the site on. Boom you just created a sales funnel. Get 1,000 flyers printed and distribute to relevant people (not just on the street) and you need to convert at 2% to be in profit. Boom easy money.

6. Online Surveys – You can actually add a CPA offer to an online survey website. The video below shows you how to do that.

The top SEO sites of 2015

I love making lists and ranking websites, making top tens! Anything that involves a lot of research and less “thinking” on my part! Side note I did steal this list a bit from Tom over at SEO Oasis. But I decided to rank my top 10.

The top 10 SEO Blog in 2015

If your a veteran in the SEO world you will most likely know all of these but I’m going to make this list anyway

1.) Moz – In at 1 is the moz blog. The one stop shop for SEO and online marketing knowledge. Headed by by Rand himself who is now a seasoned seo wizard and knows everything from user experience to content marketing to conversion optimisation, the moz blog is the place to get up to date relevant articles on seo and digital.

2.) SE Journal – My second favourite site is the SE Journal. This is a site I think is underated in the seo community, articles are great and the authors are some of the most famous people in search in 2015. Very successful people post here.

3.) SEO Oasis – This is a less none blog, run by Tom, a close friend of mine. He shares my passion of lists when it comes to SEO and should be read very often!

4.) Search Engine Watch – Been around for donkeys years and is still a solid site, great information and up to date on everything you need.

5.) Nick Eubanks – The personal seo blog of Nick Eubanks, he knows literally everything there is to know about SEO and posts it in an easy to digest format.

6.) Backlinko – one post a month and you are one of the most famous SEO bloggers on the planet? That sounds about right for Brian Dean. He’s a class act and a white hat seo link building God.

7.) SEO Book – One of the longest running seo news and information sites. Headed up by Aaron Wall and co, a great place for some up to date information and some seo training.

8.) Search Engine Land – Another giant in the seo world. But more of a news site than any individual strategy or tactics.

9.) SEM Rush Blog – Awesome piece of software, only to be topped by its blog, which is coming along extremely well now. Some great articles and nothing like “buy our software” which is nice to see.

10.) Matt Cutts – Honorable mention for the seo spam man of Google. Keep an eye on this blog as well as the rest and make sure no one is being naughty in the eyes of Google…Well not too naught anyway!

Most are also on John’s list on Inc 500 too.

There are also some cracking events in the UK if conferences is more of your thing. Good list of those here. Hope you enjoyed this list.