The top SEO sites of 2015

I love making lists and ranking websites, making top tens! Anything that involves a lot of research and less “thinking” on my part! Side note I did steal this list a bit from Tom over at SEO Oasis. But I decided to rank my top 10.

The top 10 SEO Blog in 2015

If your a veteran in the SEO world you will most likely know all of these but I’m going to make this list anyway

1.) Moz - In at 1 is the moz blog. The one stop shop for SEO and online marketing knowledge. Headed by by Rand himself who is now a seasoned seo wizard and knows everything from user experience to content marketing to conversion optimisation, the moz blog is the place to get up to date relevant articles on seo and digital.

2.) SE Journal – My second favourite site is the SE Journal. This is a site I think is underated in the seo community, articles are great and the authors are some of the most famous people in search in 2015. Very successful people post here.

3.) SEO Oasis - This is a less none blog, run by Tom, a close friend of mine. He shares my passion of lists when it comes to SEO and should be read very often!

4.) Search Engine Watch – Been around for donkeys years and is still a solid site, great information and up to date on everything you need.

5.) Nick Eubanks - The personal seo blog of Nick Eubanks, he knows literally everything there is to know about SEO and posts it in an easy to digest format.

6.) Backlinko - one post a month and you are one of the most famous SEO bloggers on the planet? That sounds about right for Brian Dean. He’s a class act and a white hat seo link building God.

7.) SEO Book – One of the longest running seo news and information sites. Headed up by Aaron Wall and co, a great place for some up to date information and some seo training.

8.) Search Engine Land – Another giant in the seo world. But more of a news site than any individual strategy or tactics.

9.) SEM Rush Blog – Awesome piece of software, only to be topped by its blog, which is coming along extremely well now. Some great articles and nothing like “buy our software” which is nice to see.

10.) Matt Cutts – Honorable mention for the seo spam man of Google. Keep an eye on this blog as well as the rest and make sure no one is being naughty in the eyes of Google…Well not too naught anyway!

Most are also on John’s list on Inc 500 too.

There are also some cracking events in the UK if conferences is more of your thing. Good list of those here. Hope you enjoyed this list.



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